President Macron receives Charlemagne Prize for his vision of a new Europe

President Macron awarded Charlemagne Prize 2018

President Macron awarded Charlemagne Prize 2018, © Bunesregierung/ Kugler

11.05.2018 - Press release

French President Emmanuel Macron was awarded this year‘s Charlemagne Prize which he received in Aachen on Thursday, 10 May.

The Charlemagne Prize Society has decided to honour Macron “in recognition of his vision of a new Europe and of the re-establishment of the European project, of a new European sovereignty and a close, restructured cooperation between peoples and nations. His passion for and commitment to Europe, his advocacy of cohesion and commonality, and his decisive stance against all forms of nationalism and isolationism set the right example, show the right way forward, and promote the right kind of contagious enthusiasm needed to overcome the European crisis.”

At the ceremony Chancellor Merkel gave a speech in Macron's honour, praising his “contagious enthusiasm” for the European project.

She said that Germany agreed with France that a new start for Europe was needed, and emphasised that she was looking forward to working together with the President on this.

Click here to read Chancellor Merkel's speech in German

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