Open Day for exhibition with works by Andreas Gursky, Alexander Romey and Lucia Sotnikova on 27 February

Prada I, 1996

Prada I, 1996, © Andreas Gursky

31.01.2020 - Press release

The German Embassy in partnership with Sprüth Magers presents an exhibition with contemporary German photography by Andreas Gursky and two of his former students, Lucia Sotnikova and Alexander Romey on 27 February.

RGB 60 LEDs/m, 2019
RGB 60 LEDs/m, 2019© Alexander Romey

Andreas Gursky ranks amongst the most successful contemporary photographic artists working internationally. A close observer of our time, he often chooses on topics of social-economic global interest, such as consumerism or the stock market. His highly inventive work has drawn from the multitude of opportunities offered by digital photographic techniques.

Untitled, 2019
Untitled, 2019© Lucia Sotnikova

Nearly 30 years after Andreas Gursky completed his studies under Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Alexander Romey and Lucia Stonikova were both students at the Kunstakademie. Under the tutelage of Andreas Gursky as Professor of Liberal Arts, Alexander Romey and Lucia Sotnikova now represent the powerful next generation of photographic artists emerging from Germany.

Although the three photographic artists work in rather different styles they have in common a commitment, even if only subtle, to distorting and questioning reality. Their subject matter is the contemporary world, viewed at a passive distance. Despite differences in technical composition, this experimental approach is the driving force behind their Innovation.

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