This Vibrant Turf

This Vibrant Turf 2020

This Vibrant Turf 2020, © This Vibrant Turf


Through intensive engagement with a patch of turf the size of their own bodies, the artists examine issues of land and species interdependence, of ‘belonging to’ versus ‘ownership of’ place and space.

“We explore care-fully how, as white western women, we engage with land and its multispecies inhabitants’ histories, all of which entwine with colonialism, displacement and indigeneity.” The artists’ videos evidence their intimate encounters with the land, and two dialogues, ‘On Land’ and ‘On Plants,’ weave intimate experiences and ideas together with research into the social and political histories of the land and its people, plant teaching, biodiversity and the desolation of its destruction. This Vibrant Turf  is intentionally small in scale, nurturing an approach that travels lightly and looks deeply at the world.


This Vibrant Turf



Creative Team

Feral Practice and Sonya Schönberger

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