Voices against Violence

Voices against Violence

Voices against Violence, © Aaron Trinder


Domestic Violence has risen during the Covid-19 Pandemic by more than 300%. Police report that victims have been trapped in their homes with their abusers. Many are not able to get help as they are under constant control.

To raise awareness and as a call to action to report these cases, we created a film, using voices as main part of the film music. Repetition and loops in the music and the images hint at a cycle of violence that is hard to escape from and often needs the help from the outside world.

The singers of the German Choir of London met online with experts in DV to learn about their work and the scope of the problems. They then established words and phrases they would like to say to the victims and recorded Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres's music at home. The separate parts were then edited into a choral piece and used as the base for Aaron Trinder's film. The filming was done under Covid-19 restrictions, with a very small team and without actors. The 3 smiling faces at the end are members of the German Choir.


Voices against Violence



Creative Team

Artistic Director: Barbara Höfling

Film Director and Editor: Aaron Trinder

Composer: Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres

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