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Information for passport applicants

Owing to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, the passport departments in London and Edinburgh are closed until further notice. All existing appointments have already been cancelled. Unfortunately, this means that we are not in a position to process new passport applications at this time.

The online appointment booking systems for passports in both London and Edinburgh have been deactivated and will remain so until a return to normality is foreseeable. The decision as to when we can reactivate our online booking systems will take into account all available information and guidelines and will be made as soon as possible. Please understand that we cannot respond to queries requesting information about which we can currently only speculate.

Our restrictions to the flow of applicants are based not only on a worldwide directive from the Federal Foreign Office, but also on adherence to social distancing guidelines from the British government. Unfortunately, limiting applicants is the only option we have during this unprecedented time. Almost all British and German authorities have taken similar measures. Any changes to this exceptional situation will be published on our website. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

German passport law does not allow for the possibility of postal or online passport applications and requires that applicants apply for their passports in person, without exception. Applicants must also provide fingerprints in order to apply for a passport and this can only be done using fingerprint scanners in our consular departments.

Our German Honorary Consuls in the UK are also taking pandemic-related precautions and are similarly not accepting passport applications at this time.

Urgent return to Germany
Should you urgently need or wish to return to Germany and find yourself without a valid travel document, we would be able to issue you an emergency document, valid for single entry into Germany and for a maximum of 30 days. We would kindly ask you to contact us by email (Embassy London or Consulate General Edinburgh) so that we can arrange an emergency appointment for you.

Urgent, unavoidable travel requirements
Please be aware that we can only process an application for a regular passport in the event that you have urgent, unavoidable travel requirements in the immediate future and do not hold any other valid travel document. Please outline the nature of your emergency travel requirements by email to London or Edinburgh and ensure to include all relevant documentation to prove and justify your request for a new passport. Should you be unable to provide proper proof of your emergency and fail to reasonably justify your request, our skeleton staff will not be in a position to assist you. Holiday travel plans do not constitute an emergency at this critical time.

As soon as the severity of the current situation lessens and a return to normality becomes foreseeable, we will announce the resumption of our passport service on our website. German nationals abroad who are registered on the online crisis prevention list (ELEFAND) will be informed via this platform. For further information and guidelines on registration, click here. We will also publish a dedicated email address intended specifically for applicants whose passport appointments at the Embassy in London were cancelled as a result of pandemic restrictions and to whom we would therefore offer priority appointments. We would ask those individuals to contact us as soon as this email address has been published, specifying the date on which their existing appointment was cancelled and providing full personal data (full name and date of birth) as well as a current telephone number so that we can arrange a new appointment. Applicants at the Consulate General in Edinburgh will be contacted directly by the Consulate.

Please be aware that the return to normal activity will be gradual. We will use all available means to resume consular operations as soon and as extensively as possible, but our capacity will likely still be limited. Applicants should expect and plan for lengthy waiting times of up to several months. You may also wish to make alternative arrangements in order to apply for passports with a passport authority in Germany.

There is no general requirement to possess or carry identification with you in the UK. German (EU) citizens are permitted to stay in the UK even without a passport / ID card. Passports / ID cards are only required for entering or exiting the UK. This rule will remain in place until at least the end of the transition period on 31/12/2020. Should you require a biometric passport for the purposes of applying to the “EU Settlement Scheme”, your request will unfortunately not be prioritised as you have until 30/06/2021 to apply to this scheme.

In the event that you are trying to access benefits (universal credit, student finance etc.) in the UK and the British government is requesting proof that you are currently unable to apply for a new passport, we would kindly ask you to send us an email with a scan / photo of the biodata page of your most recent travel document. We will then issue you a relevant certificate by email. Should you require a certificate for any other purpose, we would ask you to contact us by email and outline the reasons for your request.

Should you have applied for a new passport / ID card prior to the pandemic and have already received a collection notification, we would kindly ask you to send us a Royal Mail prepaid, self-addressed special delivery envelope (paid up to 500g), as collections are no longer permitted. If you still hold a valid passport / ID card, we would ask you to send this to us for invalidation. You’ll then receive your new passport / ID card along with your invalidated old passport / ID card as soon as possible by post. Alternatively we can keep your new passport / ID card at our embassy until things have returned to normal.

Important information:

You are able to apply for a passport and a German ID card at the same appointment. Two separate appointments are no longer necessary!

Applications can be filed at the Embassy in London or the Consulate General in Edinburgh.

Click here to find out whether you live in the consulat district of the German Embassy London or the Consulate General Edinburgh

Please note that all ID card applicants have to make an appointment.

Appointment at the Embassy in London:

ID card appointments for the Embassy in London can only be booked online with the German Foreign Office. To make an appointment online please visit their website:

Book an appointment

Please note that the appointments offered on this system are the earliest and the only appointments available. Due to a high demand there is sometimes a waiting period for appointments for up to 3 months. Therefore we are usually unable to offer you a short term appointment. We ask you to make an appointment as early as possible to arrange an appointment. Please note that we operate a block appointment system whereby several applicants are booked in the same time slot. Therefore please expect waiting times on the day.

Appointment at the Consulate General in Edinburgh:

Please note that you always need an appointment to apply for a German ID card.

Appointments can only be booked online with the German Foreign Office. To make an appointment online please follow the link:

Book an appointment

Please note that the appointments offered on this system are the earliest and the only appointments available.

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