German electronic ID card for children under 16


ID cards can be issued for children from birth. The application has to be done by the parent/ guardian for children under 16 with the child present during the application process.

Required documents


  • Completed application form - which should be completed in capital letters on behalf of the child.
  • For the application form the following signatures are required:
    -Children born to married parents: both parents
    -Children born out of marriage, if both parents have custody: both parents
    -Children from separated parents: the parent who has custody. Please attach the court custody order
    -Children for whom a guardian has been appointed: the guardian

    If one parent cannot be present, the application can still proceed with just one parent attending, provided the absent parent gives consent using the form below.

    In this case the consent form needs to be filled, signed and the signature of the absent parent as well as his/her passport copy certified by either a notary public or German honorary consul with seal.

    If the absent parent is abroad the signature on the consent form and passport copy should be certified by a  German Embassy or Consulate or, if in Germany, by an official local authority.
  • Old child’s passport, European passport or ‘Kinderausweis’
  • Old identity card (if one has already been issued in the past)
  • Child’s birth certificate - if the child was born in the UK, the large birth certificate containing details of parents ('unabridged') is required. If born abroad - original and translation into German or English.
  • If there is no naturalisation certificate and the child acquired German citizenship by being born in Germany to foreign parents (German by birth according to §4 (3) Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz (law of German citizenship) ) please provide a confirmation from the German registry office where your child was born
  • Both parents' valid passports/identity cards
  • Marriage certificate/extract of family book, if applicable, or in the case of children of unmarried parents, the mother's birth certificate. Should there have been a Name Declaration by either the child or a parent after marriage abroad, please bring the Name Declaration along.
  • Most recent german local authority de-registration form (‘Abmeldebestätigung’ – only - only if the last place of residence was in Germany or if a German place of residence is shown in the passport. Not applicable if the child was born abroad)
  • Recent proof of address in GB (e.g. council tax/ utility bill or bank statement)
  • Two recent, identical, passport photos with a bright background. More information on passport photo regulations
  • A self-addressed Special Delivery envelope (pre-paid up to 500g - obtainable at any post office), if postal delivery is preferred. Please note that if you apply for an ID card and a passport you will need an envelope for each application as the documents will be sent out seperately.


Please note that your application can only be accepted if the above documents are complete. ID cards can only be applied for in person (parents and child) upon appointment on behalf of the children. Should your documents be incomplete a new appointment will be necessary.

Even if your last passport or ID card was issued in London, Edinburgh or by our former General Consulate in Manchester you will have to apply in person. As we are now filing all data and documents electronically we kindly ask you to bring the above mentioned documents with you (apart from the deregistration form). Please do not forget your birth certificates, marriage certificates and name certificates. The application cannot be processed without them.

Name declaration

Children of unmarried parents initially receive their mother's surname. Parents who do not have the same surname may have to make a declaration of choice of name before applying for the first German passport for their child. Please read the following leaflet for further information:

Info sheet: Name declaration for a child PDF / 140 KB

The information provided here applies to most routine cases presented to the German Missions in the UK. Due to the complexity of the German passport law and the multitude of conceivable case scenarios each individual case may have to be treated differently and further documents can be requested.


Click here to see a list of consular fees.


Download ID Card application form PDF / 559 KB

Declaration of consent PDF / 145 KB

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