Information for passport applicants

Passport services at the German Embassy in London will resume from 12 April 2021. Appointments are now available through the online booking system on our website.

Information for passport & ID Card applications at the Embassy London or with a honorary consul

Passport and ID card appointments at the German Consulate General Edinburgh will be available again from 26 April 2021. These will be bookable approx. two weeks in advance.

Information for passport and ID card applications at the Consulate General Edinburgh

Passport Services London

23 Belgrave Square
Phone: 020 7824 1426

Phone times

Mondays - Thursdays: 10am - 12noon and 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Fridays: 10am – 12noon

It will no longer be possible to collect ordered documents. Therefore, please bring a self-addressed and prepaid envelope (“Royal Mail Special Delivery”) with you

Contact us via email (please select the correct department from the drop-down menu)

Passport and ID card Section Edinburgh

16 Eglinton Crescent
EH12 5DG

Phone: 0131 337 2323

Opening times

Mon – Fri: 9.00am - 11.30am
Contact us via email (please select the Consulate General from the drop-down menu)

Please note: all passport applicants have to make an appointment and apply in person.


Please note:

1. The Embassy and the Consulate General operate a baggage search scheme. To avoid delays you are asked to refrain from bringing any baggage, briefcases, laptops etc. with you.

2. Mobile phones and any other electronic equipment must be switched off before entry and remain so during your stay.

3. Photography on the premises is strictly forbidden.

4. Entry is at the discretion of the Embassy or Consulate General security staff. Please look after your personal belongings as the Embassy and the Consulate General cannot accept liability for loss or theft.

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