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In the light of the increasing severity of the current pandemic, the national lockdown in England and similar restrictions in Northern Ireland and Wales, we are unfortunately compelled to limit the Embassy’s passport services as of 11/01//2021 and until further notice.

For technical reasons, we have therefore cancelled all passport appointments from 11/01/2021 onwards, and have launched a separate appointment booking system exclusively for emergencies.

We will ensure that all pending passport applications will continue to be processed. All passports received from the Federal Printing Office will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Emergency passport applications

A separate appointment booking system has been launched exclusively for emergencies as described below:

  1. Despite lockdown, you require a passport for imminent, urgent travel and do not have a valid travel document for this journey. Please provide us with proof of your imminent travel upon submission of your application. Please note that under UK law, travelling abroad during lockdown is only permitted if you have a “legally permitted reason to leave home”.
  2. A passport is required for a newborn child holding only German citizenship.
  3. You need to apply for pre-/settled status under the UK EU Settlement Scheme and do not have a valid biometric passport.
  4. You hold both German and British citizenship, but do not have a German passport to allow you to accept a concrete job offer in the European Union. Please provide us with proof of your concrete job offer upon submission of your application.

Please contact us first by email, outlining your particular emergency and attaching relevant proof (if available). We will provide you with an appointment code allowing you to book an emergency appointment through our appointment booking system.

For the appointment booking system please click here.

For general enquiries please click here.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!
Your Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
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