Travel information for school pupils

Basis: Decision of the European Council from 30.11.1994 on the basis of Article K.3.2.b of the Treaty on European Union concerning travel facilities for school pupils from third countries resident in a member state.

Conditions of Article 1 of the decision:

A Member State shall not request a visa for school pupils that are not nationals of a Member State but legally residing in another Member Country AND do seek to travel for short stay purposes. The following conditions apply:


students hold a valid travel document recognised by the country of destination


within a school excursion/trip, the student is part of a group of students from a general school


the group will be accompanied by a teacher from the same school


the teacher must hold a full list of all students travelling, issued by the school and certified by the authority mentioned below (general form to be used)


the list must confirm travel details (purpose and circumstances of intended stay)


the list must be presented to border police on entry to Germany

Click here to request the form for UK schools taking Non EU pupils on school trips to Europe online.

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