Only passports that have been issued (not extended!) during the past ten years can be endorsed with a visa. If your passport was issued more than 10 years ago, you will need a new passport before applying with us.

As of 16 March 2020 there will be important changes to visa procedures for national visas for the purpose of employment in Germany.

All visa applications for employment where the Federal Employment Agency (“Bundesanstalt für Arbeit”)

  • has issued a letter confirming pre-approval (“Vorabzustimmung”) for employment of a named individual with a named company,
  • has issued a letter confirming agreement (“Einvernehmen”) with a named student undertaking an internship with a named company,
  • has issued a letter confirming that the employment of a named individual with a named company does not require their approval (“zustimmungsfrei”)

will now only be accepted by our external service provider, Visametric. This streamlined procedure will ensure that most visas can be issued within a week. An appointment in order to submit the application can be booked through Visametric’s website.

Visa applications for family members accompanying the named individual will also be accepted by Visametric.

All other types of visas require an application with the Embassy directly. Appointments may be made through our booking system. However, please do not arrange for an appointment at the Embassy if you already hold a letter as indicated above. We will not be able to process your application and you will have to rebook your appointment with Visametric.

Online residence permit application form

All relevant information about residence permits can be found here

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