Postgraduate students and scientific research

Visa applicants who intend to travel to Germany for postgraduate studies or research purposes will need to complete the online application form, print the form including the barcodes twice and sign both copies and provide the following documents:

  • Passport, issued within the last ten years and valid for at least six months with minimum two empty visa pages plus 2 photocopies of the passport biodata page

  • Current UK residence permit/visa plus 2 photocopies of the permit/visa

  • 2 copies of the printed and signed online application form including the barcode page

  • 2 biometric passport pictures

  • Invitation or “Hosting Agreement” (“Aufnahmevereinbarung”) issued by your German host university or research  institution, including a short description of the project you will be working on plus 1 photocopy

  • Confirmation from current UK university or employer plus 1 photocopy

  • Your academic CV in German or English plus 1 photocopy

  • Proof of sufficient funds such as salary being paid by your host institution in Germany or evidence of scholarship (in two copies). If you are neither paid a salary in Germany nor receive a scholarship, please contact us for additional advice.

  • Evidence of health insurance equivalent to the level of the German statuatory health insurance (in two copies). Unless you are employed by a university or research institution you will have to contract commensurate private health insurance. Please note that a travel health insurance does not provide cover equivalent to the level of the German statuatory health insurance. In Germany corresponding cover is usually marketed as “incoming insurance”.

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