Van der Elst Visa for Non-EU nationals posted to Germany by their company on a short-term assignment

Under Articles 59 and 60 of the EEC Treaty, a company registered in an EU member state may employ staff (Non-EU citizen) in another EU member state for the purpose of providing services for a limited period of time.

Accordingly, employees that are Non-EU nationals and have their habitual residence in the United Kingdom may provide services in Germany for a limited period without having to obtain a work permit first, provided they hold the appropriate entry clearance visa for Germany.

Please note that this procedure is usually not applicable for employees being transferred to a branch of the same company.

To apply for a “Van der Elst Visa” for Germany, the following documents must be provided:

  • official letter from the employer clearly stating the commencing and termination dates of the project, location, nature of services to be provided, salary and conditions of employment,
  • valid passport/travel document including a residence permit/work permit for the UK. Validity must exceed intended period of stay in Germany and therefore enable the holder to continue working with the employer after completion of the assignment in Germany,
  • Proof of contributions paid to a private health and accident insurance scheme,
  • visa application form with colour photo.

The Embassy may ask for additional documents if considered necessary.

Please book an appointment online and submit your application in person.

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