Professional Tour for British Teachers of History

East Side Gallery in Berlin

East Side Gallery in Berlin, © Colourbox

13.05.2019 - Press release

The German Embassy London invites applications from British teachers of history for the 'History Teacher Tour' - a week-long professional trip to Berlin funded by the German Foreign Office. This year's History Teacher Tour will take place from 20-26 October 2019.

The tour aims at giving participants a wide-ranging impression of present-day Germany, and Berlin in particular, as a background for teaching German history. The trip includes highlights of contemporary Berlin, talks with history teachers and teachers' associations, talks with museum curators and much more. The 2017 trip, for example, included a visit to the Federal Foreign Office, the German Historical Museum, a tour of the Reichstag, etc.

“The trip was an invaluable opportunity for me. It enhanced my knowledge of both German History and history pedagogy, as well as giving me an insight into German culture. Everything on the itinerary was really interesting and had a helpful focus on teaching or school visits.” (Lauren)

 “The trip to Berlin was thoroughly enjoyable and has really enhanced my teaching practice. From the experience I have been able to make professional connections and develop my knowledge and understanding of Berlin as well as German History.” (Emma)

Scheduled for 20-26 October, this year’s trip aims to include the following key topics:

  • The history of Europe past and present
  • 30 years of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • 100 years of the Weimar Republic and lessons for today
  • History of German Parliamentarianism
  • 100 years of Bauhaus
  • Germany and Migration

The tour will be conducted in English.

All costs relating to the trip (including flight and accommodation) are covered by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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