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Eisleben© picture alliance / ZB

The Luther town Eisleben is one that truly deserves its title. Situated in the east of Saxony-Anhalt, it is the hometown of Martin Luther, born in 1483 and died when visiting 62 years later. The town is a UNESCO world heritage site not only because of its famous son but also because of the medieval architecture which has survived from the 11th century until today.

For the Reformation it is significant as it was home to the most important person of the Reformation movement. Dedicated to this are on the one hand Luther’s birth house with focus on his origin, baptism in Protestant religion and life in the Middle Ages in general and on the other hand his death house, circling around his last journey and the meaning of death in Luther’s theology and in Protestantism. Furthermore, the St-Petri-Pauli church where Martin Luther was baptised in 1483 is situated in Eisleben and open to the public. The original baptismal font has not been moved and commemorates Luther’s first encounter with religion and the church.