The Future of Holocaust Remembrance: British and German Voices 75 Years after the End of the Shoah

Seventy-five years after the end of the Shoah, the genocide of the Jews of Europe perpetrated by Nazi-Germany, antisemitism, right-wing extremism, Holocaust denial and distortion, and the populist politics of intimidation and hate are on the rise again.

The ever fewer survivors of this unprecedented crime against humanity anxiously ask themselves whether and how their fate and the unspeakable suffering of their families and their people will be remembered.

How can their memories be preserved to inspire and warn generation after generation never to let a similar crime happen again?  

Andreas Michaelis - German Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Ambassador Michaela Küchler – current President of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, Karen Pollock - Chief Executive of the Holocaust Education Trust, Michael Newman - Chief Executive of the Association of Jewish Refugees, Toby Simpson - Director of the Wiener Holocaust Library, Kindertransport refugee Kurt Marx as well as young British and German volunteers offer their views and speak of their commitment to this cause.



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