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Brief an Deutsche im Vereinigten Königreich von Botschafter Michaelis


Der deutsche Botschafter ruft Deutsche im Vereinigten Königreich auf, Settled Status zu beantragen. Lesen Sie den Brief auf Englisch hier.

As the German Ambassador I would like to remind you to protect your right to continue living in the United Kingdom.

For decades your right of residence has been assured without you having to do anything. That is set to change with Brexit.

Anyone who does not have British or Irish citizenship but who has German or other EU citizenship must submit an application to the Home Office under the EU Settlement Scheme.

Even if you were given leave to remain before the United Kingdom joined the EU, it is advisable to submit an application. If you do not have access to the internet or you need advice, please call the Home Office helpline or contact an advisory service.

Dear friends of Germans,

Do you know Germans or other EU citizens who have yet to safeguard their right of residence? Talk to them about it! Perhaps you could even offer to help them with their application, for example if they do not have access to the internet, are sick or in care, or are less used to dealing with the authorities.

I do hope that the Germans living in the United Kingdom will continue to play a part in nurturing warm and friendly relations between our two countries.


Andreas Michaelis

German Ambassador to the United Kingdom

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