Certifications of signatures and copies for use in Germany


The German missions can certify signatures and photocopies intended for use in Germany.

Can I have my document certified elsewhere?

Please take a look at the table on our overview page: Legalisation. If you are not sure whether certification by a foreign public official would be admissible in your case, please consult the German authority to which the certified document must be submitted.

According to German money laundering legislation, German missions are not allowed to certify signatures or conduct identity checks for the purpose of opening a bank account, taking out a loan, credit card applications, account authorisations and the like. As a rule, we are most likely not able to assist if you need a certification on a bank form. Please ask your bank for further information.

An exception is made with regard to blocked accounts for foreign students applying for a visa. The Legalisation department is still able to certify signatures and conduct identity checks in connection with the opening of a blocked account.

Please book an appointment

Book appointment at the Consulate General

Book appointment at the German Embassy London

Please note that the appointments shown online are the earliest available. We regret that, due to the current exceptional circumstances, you may have a long wait for an appointment. We are making every effort to work through the backlog that has accumulated during lockdown as quickly as possible. Please bear with us.

Generally one appointment per person/matter

Please note that, as a general rule, a separate appointment should be booked for each person/matter.

If your matter requires the presence of two people, however (if two signatures have to be certified on the same document e.g.) you may exceptionally use one appointment slot. Naturally, minors may be accompanied by an adult.

If more than two people would like to attend for the same matter (e.g. renunciation of an inheritance of several family members), several appointments need to be booked (one appointment for two persons, two appointments for four persons max. etc.)

Please note that applications in citizenship matters can usually be submitted by a single person on behalf of the others. If several applications for citizenship are submitted at the same time, even if submitted by only one family member, please make sure to book a sufficient number of appointment slots (one appointment per max. two naturalisation applications, two appointments for max. two naturalisation applications).

Please arrive on time!

Please ensure to attend your appointment on time. It is our aim to adhere to a full, tight schedule. Please allow for lengthy waiting times outside the Embassy, however. Owing to pandemic restrictions, we can only allow a maximum of 10 people in our waiting room at any one time. Please ensure to adhere to social distancing regulations while in our waiting room.

Method of payment:

The German Embassy in London accepts cash payment in pound sterling according to the recent exchange rate or card payment. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted and fees will be charged in Euros. The card must be physically present and the cardholder has to sign. Unfortunately, contactless and wallet payments (e.g. Google Pay or Apple Pay) are not possible. Cardholder signature is required.

The Consulate General in Edinburgh accepts payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Contact London: by Email

by phone: 020 7824 1549 on Fridays: 1pm – 2pm

Please note: Only information on life certificates can be provided over the phone. Please refer to our website for any other information.

Contact Edinburgh: by Email

What to bring for the certification of a signature

  • your valid passport,
  • the document to be signed,
  • proof of address in the UK (e.g. Council Tax or utility bill, not bank statements), and
  • the fee in cash.


For the certification of one or several signatures on one document – no matter the purpose – a standard fee applies. (The fee does not depend on the value of the legal transaction.)

The fee is €56.43 payable in cash in pound Sterling according to the recent exchange rate

What to bring for certified copies

  • the original document

  • the certification fee in cash in GBP

  • the fee for copy certifications is a standard fee of €25.38 per document/ certification stamp in the London consular district and €28.00 in the Edinburgh consular district respectively. It is payable in cash in pound Sterling according to the recent exchange rate.

PLEASE NOTE: IN CASE OF CITIZENSHIP MATTERS (e.g. naturalisation, citizenship certificate and retention of German citizenship applications): Please bring TWO PHOTOCOPIES of each original document. The copy certification in German citizenship matters is generally free of charge

Honorary Consuls

It is also possible to have signatures or copies certified by one of our Honorary Consuls. Please contact your nearest Honorary Consul directly to arrange an appointment and for information on the fee applicable in your case.

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