A list of fees for German identity documents.

Consular fees are fixed by law in EUROS. Fees must be paid by card. We cannot accept cash payments.

The following types of card may be used:

  • Credit card (Visa & Mastercard)
  • Debit card (Visa & Mastercard)

You must have the actual card with you and the cardholder’s signature is required.

We cannot accept payments using cards from other providers. Google Pay, Apple Pay and contactless payment are also not available.

List of fees charged for a German passport and ID cards and additional services:

Type of document/ serviceFee in £ according to the current exchange rate of the missionFee (€)
Passport, under 24 years£58.40€68.50
Passport, 24 years and over£86.00€101.00
Express fee (on top of standard fee)£27.30€32.00
48-page passport (on top of standard fee)£18.80€22.00
Temporary passport£59.60€70.00

Emergency Travel Document (for single entry to Germany)

Change of address (passport/ ID card)free of chargefree of charge
ID card, under 24£45.60€52.80
ID card, 24 years and over£57.70€67.00

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