Renouncing an inheritance in Germany


Under German law, an heir can renounce an inheritance within six weeks of becoming aware of it – or six months if the heir lives outside of Germany – by making a declaration to the German probate court.

A Declaration of Renunciation form can be found below.

If you are not able to make the declaration in person at the competent probate court in Germany, the certification of your signature can also be carried out by the Legalisation department at the Embassy in London, the Consulate General in Edinburgh or by an Honorary Consul.

Can I have my signature certified elsewhere?

Yes, alternatively you can have your signature certified by a notary public, and then get the document apostilled by the FCDO.

A document certified by a British notary public and apostilled by the FCDO can be used in Germany.

Once your signature has been certified, you must send your Declaration of Renunciation to the competent court in Germany.

Important: The form is a general template that needs to be filled in by the renouncing party with his or her individual details. We explicitly advise that it is a non-binding template. If in doubt, please consult a member of the legal profession or contact the competent probate court directly for further advice.

Please read the information sheet available for download below, which provides detailed information about the procedure involved.

If you wish to contact the Legalisation department at the Embassy or the Consulate General, please use one of the contact forms below:

Legalisation enquiries London

All enquiries Edinburgh

Further information and opening times of the Legalisation departments of the Embassy and the Consulate General can be found here.

If you wish to write to the Legalisation Department at the Embassy or the Consulate General, please use the corresponding contact form.


Please use this map to check whether it is the Embassy in London or the Consulate General in Edinburgh that you need to contact.


Information sheet: Renounciation of an inheritance

Declaration of renounciation

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