About the Think German Network (TGN) Initiative

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Currently eleven individual TGNs offer German language and culture opportunities across the United Kingdom.
Interconnecting academic institutions, schools, cultural organisations and businesses on local, national and international levels, the TGNs

  • build on local strengths
  • aim to encourage German language provision across all educational sectors, especially between primary and secondary schools
  • aim to address local employers’ needs for a graduate workforce with German language skills and intercultural competence
  • offer information, events on German-language and cultural events as well as exchange in the regions and beyond
  • provide a platform for everyone interested in German, Austrian and Swiss culture as well as German language in the UK

The individual networks, initially established by German Departments at Higher Education Institutions, aim to develop a closer cooperation with different educational and cultural institutions as well as companies and organizations in their respective regions under the banner of promoting German language in the regions.

A major advantage of the networks is their geographical spread and shared purpose, allowing for easy access to resources and information about German language and culture in German-speaking countries.

About the Think German Network (TGN) Initiative

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