Preventing and dealing with sexual harassment


With its 220 missions abroad and employees from more than 150 countries, the Federal Foreign Office very much embraces diversity as something we value and promote within our workforce. We use all legal channels at our disposal to counter disrespectful conduct towards and amongst our employees, discrimination and sexual harassment.

This also includes taking steps to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment from happening in connection with staff or projects of the Federal Foreign Office, as well as responding without delay when incidents come to light.

If you become aware or are a victim of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse or sexual harassment in connection with Federal Foreign Office staff or programmes, please contact the complaints office of the mission responsible for your place of residence using the contact form below:

The complaints office is obliged to investigate every complaint and inform the person concerned of the outcome of the investigation.

Complaints office dealing with sexual harassment of the German Embassy London

Complaints office dealing with sexual harassment of the Consulate General Edinburgh

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