Information for nationals of the Russian Federation

06.10.2022 - Article

The European Council has completely suspended the visa facilitation agreement between the European Union and the Russian Federation as of 12 September 2022.

Please note the following changes for Schengen visa applications of Russian nationals:

  • The visa fee for Russian nationals will increase from €35 to €80; children between the ages of 6 and 12 will now pay €40 instead of €35.
  • The processing time for Schengen visa applications in most cases will be 45 days.
  • Multiple-entry visas with a long period of validity will only be issued in exceptional cases.
  • All visa applications will be rigorously examined as to the requirements under the Schengen Visa Code. Information on currant requirements for visas is available here.

Russian nationals holding a valid Schengen visa may enter Germany provided that they meet the entry requirements stipulated by the Schengen Borders Code.

Please note that the German Embassy in London and the German Consulate General in Edinburgh are as a rule only competent for visa applications from individuals who have their place of residence or habitual abode in the consular districts of the Embassy or the Consulate General. Therefore, visa applications from other persons cannot be processed by the diplomatic missions and consular posts in the United Kingdom. This also applies to individuals whose place of residence or habitual abode is, or was at the time of the outbreak of the war, in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine.

Under the principle of territoriality, an application for asylum cannot be submitted from abroad, but must be made in Germany. Entry visas for the purpose of applying for asylum cannot be issued.

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