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Episode 6 - Staying Connected Special Edition: German Unity

What was it like for a British journalist to report on the fall of the Berlin Wall? What was the mood like in our two countries at that time? And how has the relationship between the UK and Germany changed since then? Journalists Anne McElvoy and John Kampfner, who were reporters in Germany at the time of the fall of the Wall, speak with Quentin Peel, Associate Fellow at Chatham House, in this special edition of our podcast.

Past episodes

Episode 5 - Staying Connected through Creativity - Designing our future bilateral relations

How do we ensure that the voice of creativity is heard in relations between Germany and the UK? Victoria Broackes, Director of the London Design Biennale, and Thomas Geisler, Director of the Museum of Decorative Arts of the Dresden State Art Collections, discuss the influence and reach of design in the context of national perceptions with Dr Jana Scholze, Associate Professor at the Kingston School of Art.

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Episode 4 - Joint Task of Climate Action - COP26, G7 and UK-German cooperation

What are the joint German-UK ambitions to tackle climate change on the way to COP26 (and beyond)? How and where can cooperation be expanded? Journalist Christoph Prössl talks to renowned policy advisors Jennifer Tollmann (E3G) and Susanne Dröge (SWP), who assess their countries' goals for COP26 and analyse why both countries are seen as world leaders on climate policies. Introduction by Oliver Schramm, Head of the Economic Department of the German Embassy London.

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Episode 3 - From foe to friend

How does the military help connect Germany and the UK? What are major insights from history and pointers for the 21st century? Deputy Head of Mission Julia Gross introduces a discussion by two military historians: Dr Peter Johnston, curator of the 'Foes to Friends' exhibition at the National Army Museum, and Professor Matthias Strohn, from the University of Buckingham and the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research.

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Episode 2: Special Culture Edition –  Germany and Britain: A Tale of Two Nations

Former director of the British Museum and former founding director of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin Neil MacGregor and journalist Birgit Maaß from “Deutsche Welle” take us on a journey through our joint cultural history and highlight the continuing strong ties between our countries. Introduction by Ambassador Andreas Michaelis.

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Episode 1 - Does journalism connect Germany and the UK?

Journalists Stefanie Bolzen from 'Die Welt' and Philip Oltermann from 'The Guardian' discuss whether journalism connects Germany and the UK, or whether it too often focuses on societal differences. What does each country's different style of journalism say about its political culture? How have the pandemic and Brexit changed how journalists report?

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What is Staying Connected?

#StayingConnected © German Embassy London

The German Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Berlin are launching podcast series featuring wide-ranging discussions and exchanges about the future relations between Germany and the United Kingdom. Both series aim to highlight our common interests, values and scope for more cooperation.

The series was launched by Ambassador Andreas Michaelis and the UK’s Ambassador in Berlin, Jill Gallard, with a video discussion, moderated by journalist and author John Kampfner. Watch the video below.

Ambassadors in London and Berlin launch #StayingConnected

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