Winter tyres


Drivers of cars and motorbikes are required to have their cars fitted with winter tyres when driving in slushy, snowy or icy conditions.

Failure to do so can incur a fine of 40 Eur and one point on your licence. This will increase to 80 Eur and one point if you cause an obstruction.

Additionally your insurance may not cover any damage caused in an accident.

Winter tyres are marked with “M+S”, and/ or a mountain pictogram.

If your car is not fitted with these tyres you can still drive provided there are no wintry conditions on the roads, i.e. slush, snow or ice.

You are also required to ensure visibility at all times. Make sure you have anti-freeze in your windscreen wiper system and flush it through thoroughly before setting off on your journey.Please note that fitting your car with winter tyres depends on the weather and is not limited to a certain period of time. (Eg: you can leave your car fitted with normal tyres in a parking slot, if it is snowing, and then drive again when the roads are clear.)

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